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What is HDR Photography?


How Our Eyes See the World

When we look at a bright room, our pupils get smaller to let in less light. When we look at a dark room, the opposite happens. When we look at a room with bright AND dark areas, we can see the bright and dark all at once. Cameras can't quite do this on their own, which is where High Dynamic Range Photography comes in.


Capturing What

the Eyes See


A camera can only see the dark at once and the bright at once. So HDR photography is about taking multiple photos at different brightnesses and combining them into one photo that represents what the eyes truly see. Scroll down to see the different photos we shot to make the final photo.

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Combining them all...


We get this!


When we capture what the eyes see, we not only create an accurate image of the real place, but the viewer gets a true sense of what that place feels like, helping them establish an emotional connection to it.

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